Below are the sequential project steps you can expect to go through – from the idea of renovating your home to completing the physical works. We have also highlighted the associated timeframe for each step to allow you to understand how long it can all take.

Time-frame: 1-2 weeks

Upon contacting London Home Renovations, we will aim to schedule an appointment to view your home within 1 -2 weeks, subject to your availability.

Time-frame: 1-2 weeks

Post visiting your home and understanding the required renovation work we will provide you with a written quotation within 1 -2 weeks. At this stage we can provide a quotation for a full design and build services, but equally if you have already engaged an architect we can provide an estimate to build based on your architects plans. If you would like to view any of our previous projects to satisfy yourself on our workmanship and client service, we can arrange for this to happen.

Time-frame: 1-2 weeks

Congratulations! Upon choosing London Home Renovations you will receive a full contract for the works which will include a build schedule, a payment schedule which includes a 3 month retention payment in the case of any snagging issues, and a list of company standard items so you know the quality of the fixtures and fittings you will be receiving.

Time-frame: 2-4 weeks

Upon receiving a deposit to proceed with the design and architectural plans we will arrange to survey your property and produce a detailed set of existing plans and elevations. We will consult with you and formalise the proposed design, again producing plans, elevations and all of the necessary structural calculations to support the proposed design.

Time-frame: circa 8 weeks

We will submit your plans to the local authority for either planning approval or permitted development certification. The statutory period for the local authority to respond is 8 weeks. If the local authority refuse permission or require additional supporting information the process will take longer.
We generally take a deposit at this stage to book in one of our site teams.

Time-frame: 10-20 weeks

Upon planning approval been granted it will take 1 to 2 weeks to mobilise our construction team and start work on-site.

As a rule of thumb expect:

  • a standard loft conversion to take 9-10 weeks;
  • a rear and side extension to take 11-12 weeks; and
  • a full house refurbishment to take c.20 weeks.

A formal weekly meeting will be held to discuss progress, potential changes and timings for the client-supplied items.

Invoices are sent out by email on a Friday of every week for all completed works.

Construction work will occur between 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 1pm on Saturdays.

Time-frame: not applicable

At the end of the build you will be presented with a handover pack including gas safety certificates, electrical certificates and building control sign-off. In addition there is an allowance for you to retain the final payment, in the form of a 3 month retainer. This allows us to return and undertake any final snagging that may arise once you have moved back into the property. On complete satisfaction the final payment is made.